Our Guarantee—Natural Nuggets of Distinction

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Our goal is to deliver a rare display quality gold specimen nugget that will hold value and become a cherished heirloom. All of our nuggets and gold specimens come from Australia's Golden Triangle. These are natural products of nature and none of the gold is tooled in any way.

Most of the nuggets originate around Bendigo, Maryborough and Wedderburn. These areas produce some of the highest purity of gold found in the world (20-22 carat).

Quartz specimens may have been soaked in an acid bath to bring out the gold striations.

For photographic purposes specimens have been dipped in water to enhance the natural color of the quartz and provide a reflective surface under strong lighting. Each group is intended to be displayed in your collection under similar lighting if you are to reproduce the photo setting. Each specimen nugget has been named to highlight a particular viewing angle. We guarantee that the specimens may be mounted in such a way as to reproduce the photo. Since the final display is a function of lighting, angle and manner of mounting Seller does not guarantee that nuggets and specimens will maintain the suggested theme from all angles.

Our aim is customer satisfaction.  All returns must be pre-approved and made within 14 days of receipt. Original packaging must be retained and will be requested. Please email for return authorization and correct return mailing address. Sales price will be refunded less original shipping or postage and insurance.